A retro Heřmanova Hut' textured glass vase

A retro Heřmanova Hut' textured glass vase



A retro 1960s Heřmanova Hut' thick-walled clear glass vase, press-moulded with a pattern of vertical ridges interrupted by horizontal bars, designed by František Vízner.

The Czech glass factory of Heřmanova Hut' was founded in 1907, near Plzeň. To begin with they produced technical glassware before expanding to include domestic glass. Pressed glass production started in 1910. After 1945 the firm became the major factory within the United Czech Glassworks (Spojene České Sklárny), becoming part of Sklo Union in 1965. The factory was split into separate companies in1992, and the production of pressed glass ceased in 2002.

František Vízner. (1936-2011) - Glass designer. Studied at glass making schools in Nový Bor and Železný Brod (1951-56), then at the Academy of Applied Arts (VŠUP) in Prague (1956-62). From 1962 to 1967 he was a designer at the Sklo Union glassworks near Teplice, and from 1967-77, designer at the Centre for Artistic Craft (ÚUR), Škrdlovice glassworks. From 1977 to his death he was an independent artist working in his studios in Žd'ár and Sázavou.


Height 24.7 cm / 9 "
Diameter 10 cm / 4"

circa 1965


Czech Republic


An identical example in the collection of The British Museum, acquired in 2003 by Judy Rudoe curator.