A glass vase designed by Vicke Lindstrand

A glass vase designed by Vicke Lindstrand



A heavy clear glass vase with dark blue colour inclusions and lens cut decoration, for Kosta Boda, designed by Vicke Lindstrand, inscribed and signed Kosta 46694 Lindstrand.

Vicke Lindstrand (1904-1983) was a highly influential Swedish glass designer and artist, known for his innovative and pioneering work in the field of glass art. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lindstrand initially trained as a commercial illustrator before turning his focus to glass design. Lindstrand's most significant and influential period was during his time at Orrefors Glasbruk, a renowned Swedish glassworks company. He worked there from 1928 to 1940, where he collaborated with other famous designers like Simon Gate and Edward Hald. After leaving Orrefors, Lindstrand joined Kosta Glasbruk (later known as Kosta Boda) in 1950, where he worked until his retirement in 1973. At Kosta, he continued to innovate, experimenting with new techniques and pushing the boundaries of glass art. His designs from this period are characterized by bold colors, abstract patterns, and a modernist aesthetic.


Height 18 cm / 7 "
Width 13.5 cm / 5 "

circa 1965